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Late night convo

  • Ako: ang hilig mo talagang i-point out ang mga imperfections ko.
  • Him: Despite all that. Mahal parin kita.
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Why you shouldn’t break up with her? 

Because you already made it this far. If you try to look back, you’ll see that you already shared a lot of moments together. Since day one, she’s always been there for you. Supporting you. Listening to you. She became your emotional partner. She’s not just your kissing buddy because you know she’s more than that. When other people tell you that you’re not worth anything, she’s there to proved that they’re wrong. When the world cast you away, she never leave your side. She stick her company even if you’re too hot-tempered to handle. She became your ally, your friend, your body pillow, your lover. She’s treating you well. She’s not perfect yet she’s doing everything for you. Don’t let the world interfere with you. Why you shouldn’t break up with her? She loves you. And you love her, too. Don’t let things end. Treasure your connection with her. Strengthen your relationship. You guys can make it till the end. Trust her. Trust each other. 

Why you shouldn’t break up with him? 

Because c’mon, you’re already here. Of course, you don’t wanna go back at zero again. It was always him. It has always been him, right? He’s not your dream guy, but he changed you a lot. He changed you in a good way. He became your other half. He became your knight. He listens to your endless stories. He admires your humor. He can make you laugh. He make you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl on Earth. He drives your insecurities away. He helps you gain confidence. When you feel that you’re world is crumbling down, as fast as he can, he holds your hand and help you pick up the pieces. He handle you with care. He became your friend, your protector, your lover. He’s treating you the best way he can. Don’t listen to them. They’re just trying to throw rocks at things that shine. Why you shouldn’t break up with him? He loves you. And you love him too. You can do it. Love him even more. Don’t keep secrets. Trust him. Trust each other. 

Part of me just wants to cuddle with you until we fall asleep and part of me wants to make you moan until your lungs give out

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We started talking: December 10, 2013. Naging MU kami: February 10, 2014. At naging kami: March 10, 2014. <3 :”) HAHA!

Re-reading our old conversations. Sana ganun na lang kami kasaya palagi.